The Own Up Grown-Up podcast is taking a wee break (which really means I’m taking a break from podcasting…to do other OUGU things like update this website and write some short stories!), but if your ears are already going through withdrawal, don’t fear—here are 10 podcasts you should binge-listen to this summer.

1. Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History”  

Get ready for some intense life-questioning when you listen to this podcast by “Turning Point” author Malcolm Gladwell. I can’t get enough of this podcast because it rocks my world every time I listen to it. He discusses social issues around power, race and more through real-life stories. Revisionist History will make you question the real issues underlying any modern problem.

2. The Moment with Brian Koppelman

The Moment has continually inspired the Own Up Grown-Up podcast. Filmmaker and TV series creator, essayist, and former music business executive and producer Brian Koppelman is well-connected to celebrities across the creative spectrum and talks to them specifically about turning points in their lives and careers—the moment when they knew they’d made it. Inspiring stuff! He interviews everyone from Seth Godin to Alton Brown to Richard Shindell…yes, most of his interview subjects are male. But, you’ll love the banter and no-BS arguments Koppelman gets into with his guests.

3. Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

You might know Aisha from CBS’s “The Talk” or “Ghost Whisperer” (she also hosts “Who’s Line is It Anyway”). She’s sassy, funny and has conversations you haven’t heard yet with celebrities like Charlize Theron (my favourite episode) and Dave Navarro. She talks about the hard stuff and makes celebrities seem much more like real people than regular talk shows do, where the same five questions are asked to every guest. Refreshing, funny, feminist.

4. This American Life

You might already listen to this one—it’s one of the most-listened-to podcasts. It’s been around for a long time, hosted on different platforms, and covers everyday life in America, but goes deep. Ira Glass is the host and with almost 200 episodes at the time of writing this, covers everything from babysitting stories to fake news. They archive podcasts after a few weeks, so it’s a little harder to binge-listen to this one, but check in every week for a new episode.

5. Freakonomics Radio

Stephen J. Dubner is my podcast muse. I LOVE this podcast. Dubner covers interesting topics like everything you wanted to know about money, how to tell if you’re a libertarian, and the economics of Uber—stuff that you need to know (and maybe have asked Google) to figure life (and yourself) out. The episodes are fact-filled but still engaging and you’ll learn a ton.

6. The Tim Ferriss Show

If you’ve ever read one of Tim Ferriss’s tomes like “The 4-Hour Work Week” you’ll dig this podcast. Ferriss talks to people about how to optimize different areas of life. The episodes are really long and perfect for working to…but have a notebook nearby because you’ll want to explore some of the topics more. Ferriss interviews celebrities, scientists, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs and covers topics like the ketogenic diet and other health-related trends, cryptocurrency, productivity and for a while he did these funny and informative Q&A sessions where he would drink and take phone calls (Tim, if you read this bring them back!).

7. Beautiful Writers Podcast

Spiritual, feminine, inspiring—Book Mama Lisa Siversten talks to authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, and Steven Pressfield about their writing journeys and processes, how to get published, and how to balance creative work with real life. Some episodes get pretty far into the woo-woo, but if you’re exploring a creative career this podcast is not only useful, it will make you feel like you’re not crazy for experiencing the roller-coaster emotions that go with publishing your work.

8. The Joe Rogan Experience

If you need a laugh, this is a good go-to podcast. Joe Rogan has energetic, often hilarious, discussions with his guests, mostly celebrities but also other thought-leaders like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Kevin Rose and Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Rogan’s podcast episodes are often even longer than Tim Ferriss—some are over three hours!—so put it on in the background and get to work. Also great for long drives.

9. WSJ The Future of Everything

Robots, artificial intelligence, biofabrication—if you’re interested in technology, this podcast covers some of the most interesting developments. True to the Wall Street Journal (which runs the show), episodes are short and concise just like reading a news feature and each episode is a great introduction to the things that could change life as we know it a lot sooner than you think.

10. Strong Opinions Loosely Held

I just found this podcast recently and while I don’t agree with everything the host Elisa Kreisinger says, each episode presents a compelling argument on different issues in popular culture. Ever wondered how much a Youtuber actually earns or what Instagram is doing to your psyche? This stuff affects us all and all is not as it seems.

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Grab your headphones, get listening, learn, get angry, be happy, and support some of these independent producers!

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