Month: January 2017

How do you want to feel this year? A new way to look at setting goals

If you’re already cringing at your to-do list for this year, overwhelmed by the lofty goals you set mid-hangover on January 1st, you still have time to revise your goals. Look at your list, or vision board, or journal. Often we list all the things we want to achieve throughout the year—weightloss, income, a vacation—without considering why these things are so important to us. You may have many surface reasons, such as, “I deserve a raise, damn it!”, but likely there’s an emotion tied to your desires. How do you want to feel this year may be a more...

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Live more by doing, and having, less

It’s 7:58 a.m. and I’m looking around the living room/dining room/kitchen in my apartment wondering, “how the hell did I amass all of this crap?” Of course I know how. A garage sale here, a book sale there, Christmas, birthdays, technology upgrades, my inability to get rid of a piece of furniture that has sentimental value, but that I can’t even sit in because it’s so uncomfortable, retail “therapy”. The truth is that I haven’t spent a lot of money on this stuff—most of my furniture was given to my husband and I or bought second-hand and refinished—but it’s all...

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