Remote Renegades ARE creative, adaptable, and free-spirited. THEY WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER. THEY’re WILd+FRee.

Do you spend most of your free time planning camping trips, afternoon hikes, and bikepacking adventures? Remote Renegades is all about embracing your love for the outdoors and building a life that gets you out more often, doing what inspires you.

It all started out as a blog about unconventional work. Now, Remote Renegades is expanding to include more about creative expression, intentional living, and outdoor adventure—delivered through unique, nature-friendly merchandise, inspiring stories, notebooks and planners, ebooks, and more to come!



Remote Renegades was created by Rikki Ayers, a writer, cyclist, traveler, hiker, and lover of big, snowy mountains and rocky deserts.

It’s hard to keep a wild thing caged, and in 2015, she decided to leave the traditional 9-5 office life for good. Since then, she has been experimenting with different work styles and potential career paths that enable her to spend more time doing what makes her feel most alive—exploring the outdoors.

Rikki aims to show you that you can do and be many things, and that life should be treated like a masterpiece in the making.


Everything you find on this site is intended to inspire you to think and act differently. I promise everything you see has been designed by me (or my very talented friends) and produced or manufactured as close to home as possible.

  • Coming soon—the Lady Loup Lifestyle Designer will help you set and achieve some reachable goals by the end of one year.

  • Bike tube earrings will bring out the eco-friendly rockstar in you—made from my own & locally-sourced used bicycle inner tubes!

  • Alpha in the Alpine candles are made with local beeswax and smell like a walk in the woods.

  • Topo pattern, upcycled home office accessories bring the outdoors in.

  • Digital books are great to read on airplanes or with your Sunday morning coffee.

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