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Remote Renegades do the work they love, where they love to do it. They’re creative, adaptable, and free-spirited. They’re free from the confines of 9-5 office drudgery. Instead, laptop in tow, they’re travelling the world, exploring their own backyards, and collaborating in coffee shops. They’re LIVING.

Being TETHERED to a desk just feels wrong

Working in an office has never felt right to me. I tried different jobs in different types of offices—shared, open, poorly-lit cubicle. I even worked at hotel front desks for a while! 

I felt like a failure, to be honest. Why didn’t anyone else feel the same quiet desperation I did? I switched careers and discovered a passion for writing—something done entirely in my head and on a laptop. No office required. And I started to plan my escape from the traditional 9-5 life. 

Between freelancing and working remotely for companies, I’ve forged a pretty awesome lifestyle. Yeah, some days I’m swearing at my faulty wifi connection while deadlines loom over my head like a thunderstorm, but other days I’m taking two-hour lunch breaks to ride my bike along the ocean or crafting articles about emerging technologies like the blockchain while sipping a radler (grapefruity beer, in case you’re wondering) on a pub patio. 

Working like this has allowed me to LIVE. Before, I was exhausted all the time—8 hours straight on a computer is good for no one. I wasn’t motivated to go hiking after work or plan fun long weekends (I take one a month now). Now, I can pack up my office and work wherever life takes me, like workationing in Spain and doing multi-day bikepacking trips. 

I’ve also met some incredible people working remotely—people I probably never would have known about if I was still schlumping myself back and forth to the same location every day. 

Working remotely allows me to dream bigger. Move to a ski town and live within five minutes of some of the best powder days in Canada? Housesit on quaint coastal islands while writing a book? 

Imagine how a remote workforce could help reinvigorate small towns with dying resource and fickle tourism economies.

Working remotely isn’t for everyone—I discuss a lot of the downside as well as the upside on the blog—but, it can be life-changing if you’re willing to do what it takes to make it work.

And if you’re ever in Victoria (Vancouver Island, Canada) join me for a “bike to co-work” session: cycling, coffee on a patio, working to ambient sound. It might just be the best way to work EVER.

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—Rikki A., remote renegade


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