One thing working from home has made me really good at is working fast. I just finished editing five podcasts, all part of a miniseries I’m excited to announce—the Remote Work Miniseries! Over the next couple of months you’ll hear from freelancers, other remote workers, and small business owners who decided to ditch their traditional office job for something more flexible and interesting.

You’ll hear stories about…

  • How to start making money from blogging
  • And how one woman launched a freelance writing career and fell in love with analyzing pop culture
  • An interview from my trip to Spain with a woman who is working hard at managing her schedule to get the most out of her travels while meeting client needs
  • And how a man and his girlfriend are traveling the world while growing an email marketing business

There’s more too.

As you know, I’ve been working on a guide to remote work. It’s coming very soon and will be for sale on this very website and eventually Amazon. This practical guide contains anecdotes from my own experience as a remote worker as well as lots of information from research, interviewees, and from old journals I went through.

If you want to hear about new episodes on the podcast as they come out, subscribe on iTunes (or Stitcher, iHeartRadio or Google) or email below. If you sign up for email, you’ll also get a list of 20 remote job sites you can start combing through right now.

In the meantime, here are some previous Own Up Grown-Up podcast episodes to inspire you on your remote work journey:

Binge-listen to that and check out the podcast every Thursday for new episodes!

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