Want to try acupressure? Listen to this interview with Kyla Plaxton of Release Acupressure, where she leads me through a simple headache-relieving move that you can try right now.

When anybody shares their story or shares what they’ve been through, it changes somebody’s life.”—Kyla Plaxton, Release Acupressure & Feel Better Today Show

If you want to follow along and try some other acupressure points, check out Kyla’s Facebook group and Youtube channel.

Here’s a video to get started:

The surprising outcome from podcasting

Own Up Grown-Up started out as a place to offer practical life tips to stuck millennials. Once the podcast got up-and-running (and I learned how to do a podcast better), things shifted. I’ve learned so much by hearing people’s stories of transformation and going after their dreams. I feel honoured to be able to talk to people about their lives. It’s really added another dimension to the work I do.

Like Kyla says in episode 19 of the Own Up Grown-Up podcast, hearing someone’s story can be life-changing. You can hear tips and instructions all day, attend conferences, get advice, but nothing sticks better than stories. I know I’ve picked up a lot from all the guests on the podcast—and we’re only 19 episodes in!

Some things I’ve learned and implemented:

Beyond the practical stuff that I’m taking away, I’ve been really moved by stories like Saran’s, Chevy’s, and Kyla’s. And I’ve loved hashing out life questions with Amy, Quinn, and Elizabeth. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

If you want to be on the Own Up Grown-Up podcast, apply now


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