Create a Wild + Free Life

Look, we all feel stuck sometimes. Whether you’ve found yourself in a career that feels meaningless or you’re trying to figure out who YOU really are again, it’s hard to figure it out and move ahead without some kind of plan. Enter the Lady Loup Lifestyle Designer, an interactive planner and storybook to inspire you to create positive change. Email subscribers receive the digital version FOR FREE (scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up).

For the Aspiring Alpha

Lady Loup is our fictional protagonist, a fierce alpha female wolf (Loup is French for wolf) in the making. Like you, she has a few things to figure out on her own before she can claim her throne and become the leading lady she was meant to be. Follow Lady Loup’s story, which weaves throughout the designer, as she leaves her family and heads for the mountains in search of her inner and outer strength.

Get Organized

This experience is designed to help you piece together a do-able, 1-year strategy and plan that will help you reach important, life-altering, pragmatic goals. This is not for a New Year’s diet plan (though making your health a priority is a very pragmatic goal). Every week, you will complete a new step. The steps will add up. And every month and quarter of the year you will review your hard work, reflect on your strategy, and revise as needed. Building on my experience creating countless complex marketing plans, changing how I live and work, and experimenting with all kinds of planning tools, I’ve come up with a better flexible planner that enables you to focus and make lasting change.

Act with Intention

You have two choices in life: you let life happen to you or you decide where you’re going. The principles in this designer are simple:

  • Become aware of how you respond to all kinds of choices and challenges.

  • From this awareness, set your priorities. How is your current situation aligning with where you’d like to be?

  • Intentionally take specific actions, set boundaries, and pursue opportunities that bring you closer to your goals.

  • Pursue happiness with joy. Make this fun. You’re playing the game of life now!



The Lady Loup Lifestyle Designer is currently free for all email subscribers! As we build this journey together, you will receive bi-weekly emails that piece together the designer. Each email will have stories, planning tools, printable pages, tips and inspiration, + more.