How great does it feel to finally press publish on something you’ve been working on FOREVER?

So great.

The Own Up Grown-Up Podcast is here ladies and gents!

If you’re new to Own Up Grown-Up, here’s the quick backstory. About mid-2016, I was on “vacation” thinking about what I could do to make the world a better place. I had just gone through a major year of growth. I left my corporate gig to start my own business, which was a thrill, but something was missing.

Sure, I was doing good work that I enjoyed, I had some great steady clients. I was finally free of the daily commute. I spent more time with my family in 8 months than I did in the past three years combined. Now that I had freedom and energy to actually think about where my life fit in the bigger picture, I began to wonder what my purpose in life was. I felt extremely privileged to be where I was and I wanted to share that and help people. But, how?

Sitting in a manmade hot spring one night, I came up with the idea to take you all along with me on this crazy journey to self-actualization. Because, if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s my ability to set a goal and get that shit done. And I thought that if I could reverse engineer what works for me and add insight from others who have achieved remarkable things, that it could be a real solution to what we all know as the quarter-life crisis. Living intentionally. 

And now, here we are—the podcast! I started writing blogs and recording podcast episodes in November, 2016 while housesitting on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia (one of the best places to do creative work, in my opinion). It’s been a learning experience, so bear with me as I improve my interviewing and sound skills. You wouldn’t believe how awful it is to have to edit yourself talking (WTF, why do I always sound like I’m trying to catch my breath?!).

Why you should listen to the Own Up Grown-Up podcast

When I started to build OUGU, one thing that felt really overwhelming was figuring out how the project could help people. A blog didn’t feel like enough and I’m not interested in going down the coaching route. One of my absolute favourite things to do is to talk about real shit with people who aren’t afraid to get real (just ask some of my girlfriends about our wine-soaked rant-nights). A podcast seems like the best way to connect what this project is about with a wide audience.

The podcast is all about real stories from people who have either gone through the quarter-life crisis—that moment in your 20s or 30s where you wake up and wonder what the hell your life is about— themselves, are going through it, or who can help you get through it. You’ll hear from finance and health experts, activists, artists and people who don’t go by their career title. You’ll experience me meeting someone over the phone for the first time and having a life-changing conversation.

This has been life-changing. I’ve learned so much already from these conversations and it feels like we’ve only touched the surface (I tried to keep all interviews under 45-minutes…though watch out Tim Ferriss, because I’m tempted to let some go for 2 hours). I hope what you hear is thought-provoking and inspiring. At the very least, you’ll get to know that you’re not alone out there trying to deal with your shit. We all are.

Lastly, I hope these interviews make you want to do something about what you’re dealing with. Let’s face it—you can listen to a million podcasts and be an “expert” on personal development theory, but if you’re not transforming those thoughts into actions, then you’ll never get anywhere.

Come back next Thursday for episode 2, where I talk to Monique Nelson about becoming vegan and why we should all choose to cook.

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