Nature-loving free spirits don’t belong in highrises, can we agree?

Working remotely frees you up to live anywhere. Goodbye pricey little-box-of-an-apartment and HELLO backyard barbecues, powder days, and sunset surf sessions.

All you need is a wifi connection.

Here is where you’ll find out about the coolest adventure towns, remote worker hot spots, and how to finally break free of that (old) B.O.R.I.N.G. life you refuse to succumb to.

Did you leave your "cushy" office job in search of a life of adventure?

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Stories for the adventurous soul

Because we all feel a little more alive when we’re outside (and outside our comfort zones).

What’s love got to do with this: overcoming hate and apathy

A week ago today I was sitting in a tarp-cave by my tent at a music festival, sipping coffee mid-afternoon, hiding from the sun and early-day partiers. I turned on my phone to get an update about a wildfire approaching the event and then opened my Facebook app. The...

This is What Abundance Feels Like

There's a lot of rhetoric surrounding the "abundance mindset," but what is that? It's one of those trendy glass-half-full terms people tell you that you should have before they play on your fear of scarcity and FOMO to get you to buy their product. I think many of us...

How do you want to feel this year? A new way to look at setting goals

If you're already cringing at your to-do list for this year, overwhelmed by the lofty goals you set mid-hangover on January 1st, you still have time to revise your goals. Look at your list, or vision board, or journal. Often we list all the things we want to achieve...

Live more by doing, and having, less

It's 7:58 a.m. and I'm looking around the living room/dining room/kitchen in my apartment wondering, "how the hell did I amass all of this crap?" Of course I know how. A garage sale here, a book sale there, Christmas, birthdays, technology upgrades, my inability to...

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