Mother Nature’s lost her temper. It’s been a wild couple of months in terms of natural disasters, from floods to hurricanes to earthquakes. This following a bad wildfire season. If you’re somewhere unaffected by any of these events, but you want to help…you should.

Here’s a rundown of some of the major recent events:

This morning (Sunday, September 24) a second earthquake hit Mexico’s Oaxaca state. An 8.1 earthquake hit the region September 7th. A 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City on September 19th, killing over 300 people in the area. Buildings, including schools, collapsed and crews are still working at digging people out of the rubble. You can read more about it in the Washington Post.

Hurricane Maria just crashed through Puerto Rico, which officials from the US territory are calling in ‘apocalyptic’ conditions. Residents are without power and many roads were washed away or are closed. A dam may collapse. As I’m writing this, the hurricane is headed north towards the US east coast.

Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm in a decade, cut through the Carribean, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. It left the Carribean island Barbuda “barely inhabitable,” said Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, and destroyed many homes along its path. See photos that show before/after comparisons of places affected by Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Harvey, which landed in Texas August 25th, was the most destructive hurricane to hit the state in 50 years, and it could cost $180 billion to repair damages caused by the storm.

Learn more about the most destructive Atlantic hurricanes this season.

Over 1,000 people died in floods in South Asia this summer, with over 41 million people affected in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.

Where I live, in British Columbia, Canada things on the wildfire front have finally cooled down, though there are still more than 100 wildfires burning. This was BC’s worst wildfire season in history.

Learn more about other 2017 natural disasters around the world.

In some cases, people’s insurance will help them repair what’s been damaged or lost, but many are either underinsured or not insured at all. There are many people living without homes right now and anything you can do to help is needed.

Donate here

Anything you can spare to help others in need helps. Here are some places you can donate funds and supplies to:

These organizations are also accepting volunteers if you want to help in another way.

You can also check out:

While it’s easy to feel bad for people affected by these events and then ignore them as you enjoy your comfortable surroundings, natural disasters can happen just about anywhere. Do what you can.

Feel free to share more resources and ways to get involved in the comments. 

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