If you’re thinking of pursuing remote work because you want to be a stay-at-home parent or you can’t find opportunities in your community, you may think remote jobs are only open to web developers and writers. Researching for my upcoming guide on remote work, most of the blogs and other resources I found were for IT and creative services professionals. There is a lot more out there than that, though.

I started dreaming about full-time remote work while in university. My goal was to be able to work in a small mountain town, but to have a flexible and intellectually stimulating career. My experience living in resort towns is there is a huge income gap between business owners, investors and tourists, and the majority of local residents. I can remember many times being blown away by a visitor’s hotel room bill when I was making $12 an hour. I could hardly afford to enjoy the places I lived in because I was constantly trying to figure out how to squeeze in a night out when I had to pay rent and my phone bill, and buy groceries.

I pursued writing because that’s where my strengths and interests are, but there are all kinds of opportunities out there. While many of the highest paid remote jobs require tech skills, I was surprised to find listings on Flexjobs for positions like ‘water risk management specialist’, ‘pattern making/tailor’, ‘desert tortoise biologist’, ‘food safety auditor’ and ‘ethnographer.’

Searching Indeed’s remote job listings, I also found listings for sales managers, reservations coordinators (tourism), medical billing specialists, social media marketers, and university admissions consultants.

Laura Shin’s article on Forbes lists the top 100 companies offering remote jobs. Companies include Amazon, United Health, Intuit, IBM, Salesforce, JPMorgan Chase and the American Heart Association. Note: some will only hire US employees or those located in specific cities, but be sure to check!

The sharing economy includes jobs you do via a proprietary platform, like AirBnB, Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Doordash, and Cleanify. Part of your income will go to the company running the platform, so price accordingly and be sure to comb through the terms and conditions to ensure you’ll have the insurance or other protection needed.

You can also find freelance work on sites like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and Fiverr. You’ll be competing against international freelancers who offer very low rates for many gigs, but don’t get overwhelmed. I found a few well-paid, quality gigs through Upwork and Freelancer.

Also, check out non-profits for causes that interest you. Many offer flexible or remote work opportunities. Non-profit jobs I’ve seen include research assistants, marketing and communications consultants, and account coordinators.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking that remote jobs are only available to coders, call center workers and multi-level marketing schemes (like Tupperware). While there are a lot of minimum wage remote jobs out there, you’ll find many full-time positions in the $40K+ range. If you haven’t heard of a company or non-profit before and would like to learn more about their employee culture, read reviews on Glassdoor (just be sure to read more than one).

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