Take responsibility for your life. When something’s not right, take matters into your own hands. Bit-by-bit you’ll make a difference. No one else will do this for you.

Question everything. Critical thinking requires asking hard questions. Be relentless in your search for authenticity and call out fakers.

Make smart choices. Everything you do impacts other people. Weigh pros and cons. Do your research. And be flexible—few things, if any, in this life are set in stone.

Laugh. At yourself, the world…government. Humour helps us talk about the hard stuff. Find light in dark places and stop taking yourself so seriously!

You want to thrive? Learn how economics works. You don’t need to get a degree, but if you want to earn more, save more, give more, etc., you have to know how the system works (and doesn’t work). How else can you challenge it?

People are people and everyone should have equal rights. No one should have to live in shame because of who they are, who they like, or what they look like. Get over it, it’s the 21st century.

Your future isn’t determined by your past. We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity—take advantage of that! Many people wsucceed despite all odds (obvious examples include Oprah, Richard Branson and J.K. Rowling). Whoever you were is not who you have to be.

Whether you own a business or not, the entrepreneurial mindset of solving problems and taking smart risks is how you make your life your business.

And, for the love of god (or whatever you believe in), SCIENCE. TRUTH. Forget fad diets, disguised pyramid business schemes, fake news, and ads that make you want everything you don’t have. Those are distractions and you are too busy making real life happen!

Also, Transparency is of the utmost importance and ANYTHING promotional you find here will be clearly explained.

You have one life. It’s your business what you do with it.

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